donut grow up

Fruity mocktail's served in milk bottles, Doughnut wall, Ice ring doughnuts, Sprinkles, Giant doughnuts, Sweet stand, Fizzy foot soak, Strawberry & Yogurt  face mask, Hand & Toe paint. 

PRICE - £230


my beach is better

Tropical mocktail's served in coconut cups, Flower necklaces, Hula skirts, Retro sunglasses, Tropical decorations, Fizzy foot soak, Banana, Coconut  oil & Honey face mask, Hand & Toe paint. 

PRICE - £230


Chanel only darling

Fizzy pop served in champagne flutes, Tiara's, Crystal gems, Pearls,  Diva sunglasses, Table decorations, Fizzy foot soak, Strawberry & Yogurt face mask, Hand & Toe paint.   

PRICE - £230


don't spill the tea

Mocktail's served in tea cups, Cupcake stand, Tea pots, Pearl necklaces, Tea party decorations, Fizzy foot soak, Chocolate & Cream face mask, Hand & Toe paint.

PRICE - £230

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